25 Aug 2000; Pete's Run Photos

25 Aug 2000; Pete's Run Photos

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After digging it up I prepared to repair Elizabeth Early's gravestone.

Elizabeth's stone is leaning on her father-in-law Henry's stone.

After drilling the base portion of the stone and the main portion of the stone and dry-fitting the two pieces with nylon posts in place (above), the two pieces were epoxied together (right).
Elizabeth Early
died May 3 1870
aged 71y 7m 19d

On the left lies part of the stone of Nimrod Snider. To the right is the stone of Milton L. Snider; son of N & H

Unfortunately, Nimrod's stone is broken off at the date and the part with the date was not found.

Malvina's gravestone had a little mulberry bush growing next to it.

I cut the bush down as far as I could with the tools I had with me.

Since the roots and trunk of the mulberry bush are right against the stone, I must be careful not to damage the stone trying to remove them.

This close-up reveals that Malvina was aged 32 years.

The roots and stone around the base of the stone are difficult to budge.

This stone is next to the stone of Daniel and Elizabeth Flora. Are they your relatives?